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How do I know what search index to use in an ItemSearch operation?

If you use the ItemSearch operation to provide general search results, you run into a problem. The ItemSearch operation requires you to specify a Search Index.

Unfortunately, there's no straightforward way to relate a keyword phrase to the search index (or indexes) in which the products associated with the phrase are indexed. For example, if a user searches for "Star Wars," should you search the Book, DVD, VHS, or VideoGame search index?

In the US domain, you can use All in place of the search index, This tells A2S to do a quick search of all the search indexes and return a few matching results from each.

But, what can you do for other domains?

One solution is to take advantage of the fact that the AWS Licensing Agreement allows you to cache information for a limited period of time. Each time your site does an ItemSearch or ItemLookup operation, store the results in your database and with the current time.

When a site visitor does a keyword search, perform an ItemSearch on a randomly selected search index and update the database with the results. Then search the database for results to return your site's visitor. Delete asny results returned which are too old according the AWS terms.

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