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Create a custom Amazon Associate Store in minutes with

Disappointed by and the Associates program?

Please consider

Shareasale manages affiliate programs for thousands of merchants. The site makes it easier to apply to programs and create links. And simple-to-use datafeeds are offered by most merchants.

Does offer a data feed?

New Associates often ask if provides a data feed with information on the products sold by Amazon.

Amazon offers "Bulk Data Feeds" which enable you to download information for all Amazon products all at once. The feeds are updated daily and contain price, availability, shipping, merchant IDs, image URLs, product descriptions, sales rank, browse node information, and customer reviews for all products sold on Amazon. If you are interested in getting access to the data feed, contact associates [at]

The data feed files are very large and require a great deal of time and disk space to process. They are generally only offered to Associates with very special requirements.

Instead of using the product feed, consider using Amazon's Product Advertising API (PAA) which used to be known as the Associate Web Services (A2S). PAA is a web service (not an API) which provides access to Amazon's catalog of products.

Amazon product information is available through Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS offers a number of web services, but the one of interest to Associates is PAA.

You can think of PAA as a remote database you query to get information on Amazon products. Unlike a data feed which is usually downloaded into a database on your server, the web services provide specific information when it's needed by your application.

Amazon offers an extensive documentation for the web services at:

Use of the web services requires some knowledge of programming - generally in a server-side scripting language like PHP. But there are many commercial and free programs which use the web services. Some are listed in Amazon's list of Solutions For Amazon Associates, but many more can be found by searching the Internet.

For a complete storefront which can be added to your web site, your options include:

If you require a datafeed, please consider signing up with Shareasale. Shareasale manages affiliate programs for thousands of merchants, many of which offer datafeeds. The datafeeds are available via manual download or FTP.

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For some ideas on how to cache information received from A2S, please see Working With the "One-Second" Rule. For some example code in PHP, see PHP Examples.

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