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A2S Developer provides resources for web developers using Amazon's Product Advertising API - formerly known as Amazon Associates Web Services (A2S) which was formerly known as Amazon's E-Commerce Services (ECS) and will probably be named something else next year.

The Product Advertising API is a subset of Amazon Web Services (AWS). It provides access to product information from,,,,, and


Latest Articles:

Does offer a data feed?
New Associates often ask if provides a data feed with information on the products sold by Amazon. Amazon offers "Bulk Data Feeds" which enable you to download information for all Amazon products all at once. The feeds are updated daily... [More]
How can I find the Kindle edition of a printed book?
You can use the AlternateVersions response group to find the Kindle edition of a book. For example, consider the book The Complete Idiot's Guide to Publishing Children's Books. The ASIN/ISBN of the printed hard-bound version of the book is... [More]
How can I create simple text links to using UPCs?
To link to a product at Amazon,com using a UPC, you have a few options. Using Amazon's Web Services (AWS) you can do an ItemLookup using a UPC to get information on the product including the ASIN. It only works if the catalog data at Amazon... [More]
How can I find the CD related to a MP3 Album?
You can use the RelationshipType parameter with the RelatedItems response group to find the CD related to a specified MP3 album download. For example, consider the album Human by The Killers. The ASIN of the MP3 version of the album is... [More]
REST Authentication for PHP4
Amazon has announced that, starting in August of 2009, A2S (now renamed "Product Advertising API") queries will require authentication. This will require you to change any code which accesses the web services. The following PHP code should help. ... [More]
Can a browse node have more than one search index?
Yes, a browse node will often return results for more than one search index. Sometimes those results make sense - for example when a node has products in both the Apparel and Merchants indexes - but, most of the time, the other indexes either... [More]
How can I find other CDs or MP3 downloads by the same artist?
Unfortunately, there is no definite way to find all the CDs or MP3s associated with the same artist as a given CD or MP3. The best you can do is to find the ASIN of the Artist ASIN associated with the CD or MP3 download. Once you know the Artist... [More]
How can I get good search results from A2S?
The search results returned by A2S's ItemSearch operation don't match the results a visitor to sees when searching for the same phrase. This is probably because the tools A2S supplies for searching were not designed to allow us to... [More]
How do I search for song titles using A2S?
Use the ItemSearch operation with the Keywords parameter and the MusicTracks response group. For example, the following link displays an A2S query looking for songs with the keyword "Mr. Richland": >>> ItemSearch for Song Titles The... [More]
How do I find the MP3 downloads associated with a CD?
You can use the RelationshipType parameter with the RelatedItems response group to find MP3 downloads associated with a CD (or the CD associated with an MP3 download). For example, consider the album Human by The Killers. The ASIN of the CD... [More]

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